Backpacking in Chongqing - it's a monster!!

An Overview of Backpacking in Chongqing, China

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Any form of adventure is usually exhilarating; it could be a ski trip, a hiking experience or even snorkeling. Other than these however, you could also opt to go for a tour across a country like China. Backpacking in this …

Kashgar's yellow-tiled Id Kah Mosque in Xinjiang, China

Backpacking through Kashgar and China’s Silk Road

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Author’s Note: Although we hope to give you a good overview of backpacking in Kashgar, Xinjiang in the article below, we also recommend the Kashgar City Guide for more in-depth coverage of what to do and where to stay here.  When …

Best Sights When Backpacking in Jakarta, Indonesia

Best Sights When Backpacking in Jakarta, Indonesia

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A country that tries to rival China for sheer size and diversity is Indonesia. This crazy place of thousands of islands is a really popular backpacker haven, but with so many options to see and do, you can often be …

Hajili, India

Top 5 Best Travel Websites In India

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Quest to travel places other than China? Thirst to travel which cannot be quenched once you’ve had a few years in China? You’re at the right place! India is a grandiose nation offering a fascinating, unrestrained, rich and differing background …

Backpacking in Sanqing Shan - gorgeous mountains in Jiangxi.

Proper Etiquette for Hiking in China

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Whether you are hitting a scenic trail in the mountains of China or hiking in your backyard, it is important to know proper hiking etiquette. This etiquette defines how you should behave when you hit the trails. Whether you are …

The Casino Lisboa - old meets new in Macau!

Backpacking in Macau: 5 Famous Casinos

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We have mentioned Macau on here before and it’s one of those special administrative regions of China, similar to Hong Kong in terms of governmental system. Macau’s history stretches back as far as 6,000 years ago (you know how old …

Backpacking in Tibet - Food

Backpacking in Tibet: Finding Affordable Food In Lhasa

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Tibet may not be one of the cheapest travel destinations on your bucket list, but it’s definitely a must see place to discover unique religion, breath-taking scenery and of course delicious cuisine. So if you are backpacking in China, be …

Backpacking in Shanghai

Backpacking in Shanghai: A Cool Guide to the City

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Shanghai is the largest city by population in China (although we know Chongqing’s metropolitan area is massive), and it should be definitely added to your travel list when backpacking in China. It’s a typical city of contrast where cityscape gleams with …

Top 5 Football Experiences in China

Top 5 Football Experiences in China

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When you think of China you are not always thinking of football. Sport maybe, as the Chinese particularly excel in the Olympics in sports such as table tennis, gymnastics and badminton. Even tennis and weight lifting are hugely important sports …

The amazing sweet coloured rice

Eating in China: Sweet Coloured Rice in Luoping, Yunnan

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Today’s Eating in China post comes from the dreamy Yunnan Province. We know how much the Chinese love their rice, but how about some special coloured rice with sugar added to it? Throw in a walk to some gorgeous waterfalls called Jiulong, …

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