An Overview of Backpacking in Chongqing, China

Any form of adventure is usually exhilarating; it could be a ski trip, a hiking experience or even snorkeling. Other than these however, you could also opt to go for a tour across a country like China. Backpacking in this Republic could be rather interesting especially of you start with big cities like Chongqing. Whether you backpack it alone or you take advantage of a cool travel company.

Backpacking in Chongqing - it's a monster!!

Backpacking in Chongqing – it’s a monster!!

While in the course of travel, the goal usually is that of experiencing every new aspect of the location in question. One advantage of visiting large cities is that one gets to experience this and more. Such locations normally boast of exciting places and cultures that may teach one a few things.

While in the largest city in the world, a tour would not be properly so called without a visit to the Arhat Temple. Housed in this location is a great number of terracotta Buddhas. An interesting feature about these Buddhas is that they all are said to have achieved enlightenment.

A visit to the Chaotianmen Park would guarantee great sights and sounds if one is up to it. While strolling around the square, one could get a beer and try out a local snack. The goal here is to experience the city to its fullest, thus one should not be hesitant to try out new things.

A visit to the biggest city in the world would not be complete without experiencing the largest toilet complex in the world. During the tour, you should try to make out some time to see this place for yourself. You could also make a point of taking a few pictures to show to your friends back home.

As a backpacker, you always have to experience both the modern and ancient aspects of a particular region. In this regard, the 18 steps qualify as a must see while on this tour. Strolling up and down these steps will enable you to feel the ancient vibes of the area.

The whole visit would not be complete without a ride across the Yangtze River. Usually, a cable ride would fit in perfectly as a means to cross the river. The bonus here is that the whole ride would only cost you 5RMB and while these rates boost the local tourism sector, it is totally pocket-friendly.

An icing to the cake that is the tour of this great Chinese city would be a visit to the Foreigner Street. The title alone seems to call on to you and every other visitor. While at this 24 hour theme park, you could experience local delicacies at surrounding restaurants or you could just sit somewhere and enjoy the sights offered.

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