Backpacking in Chongqing: Top 6 Sights

Chongqing is a totally massive city in China and often dubbed the biggest city in the world!! How crazy is that. You should get this place on your list for sure and today I highlight my top 6 sights when backpacking in Chongqing, China.

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Backpacking in Chongqing China top sights

I suggest booking into the Green Forest Hostel in central Chongqing they have great staff, a really vibrant social atmosphere and a cool location (it’s near a metro station and bus routes).

1. Toilet Complex

At some point, you will need a piss or a sh1t, and what better place to go to the toilet than the world’s BIGGEST toilet complex. Hardly the best claim to fame a city will ever have, but I went to Chongqing and visited the world’s

2. The 18 Steps

The old town part that is near the CBD, walk up and down these cool 18 steps.

3. Arhat Temple

An old school temple which has an amazing display of terracotta Buddhas inside. Really worth a look and only 10 RMB entry fee.

4. Head out to Foreigner Street

This is the massive FREE and 24 hour Theme Park in Chongqing. Highly recommended and reached easily by bus through the city.

5. Chaotianmen Park

This square and park provides you with scintillating views of the epic rivers and the impressive Chongqing Skyline. Well worth a walk around and stop off for a beer and ice cream when you’re there.

6. Chongqing Cable Car

Awesome ride across the two rivers in Chongqing. This is full of locals and only costs 5RMB one way but be the tourist, take your camera and love the views. Chongqing is a quality city to tour and I love the Cable Car ride.

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5 Responses to Backpacking in Chongqing: Top 6 Sights

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  2. Allan Wilson says:

    Given ourselves probably 2 days for Chongqing, probably need more for the world’s biggest city 😉 Using it as a base to reach the Wulong Karst. Cablecar might be put on our to do list 🙂

    • Jonny Blair says:

      Hi Allan, yes it’s a big crazy city – hope you can find your feet in it and enjoy the rest of your next China adventure! Safe travels. BIC team.

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