Experiencing Dim Sum in Hong Kong

When you finally make it to Hong Kong, there is something you definitely need to try, especially if you’re a travel foodie. Soft and yummy, steamed and healthy, extremely nutritious and healthy – that’s dim sum!


 What’s dim sum?


 Dim sum is the most common dish in Hong Kong. Its name can be literally translated as “touch the heart”. Dim sum are tiny portions of food served in bamboo steamer baskets – from cooked, fried and baked shrimp to grilled vegetables and nice noodles. Most of the dishes contain fried eggplant and a lot of pork with various sticky sauces. The selection of food can give you a real headache!


 A great variety of dishes


Once you sit down at the table, you will be given a clean bowl, teaspoon and a pair of chopsticks and you’re more than welcome to order the food you like. Each dim sum menu is written in both languages – Cantonese and English so you know what you are about to order. What can you have? Everything you can imagine – shrimp combined with either bamboo or water chestnut, pieces of grilled pork, chicken feet, BBQ pork bun or plain chicken.


Dim sum is a great food option for budget travelers as you can share the food with others. For example, it costs approximately HKD130 ($16) to feed 4 adults with more than 8 dishes on the table. In this way you can eat a lot of different dishes without paying much!

Recommended dim sum restaurants

SONY DSCOne of the best dim sum restaurants is a place called Dim Sum Square (聚點坊), located at 88 Jervois St, Sheung Wan in Hong Kong. It’s small, but extremely cozy and affordable for everyone. Here you can taste various dim sum dishes which are freshly prepared in a few minutes.

SONY DSCHave you ever experienced Dim Sum in Hong Kong?

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