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Jo San, Ni Hao!


Backpacking in China editor in chief Jonny BlairJonny Blair, Editor in Chief

Jonny Blair is the editor of Backpacking in Jonny first visited China in 2007 on a backpacking journey, he has since been back around 20 times and has visited 13 out of the 29 provinces in China. Jonny’s niche is Hong Kong but he also loves Chongqing, Yongding and the Yunnan Province.

Favourite Province in China – Yunnan

Favourite City in China – Hong Kong/Chongqing

First Visit to China – 2007

Other Projects – Jonny runs a business from his laptop, he’s a Business Backpacker and he now lives in Poland.


Panny Yu backpacking in China expertPanny Yu, Budget China Expert

Anything Panny Yu doesn’t know about travelling in China on a budget, isn’t worth knowing. Panny is a Chinese long term backpacker from Hong Kong. Panny doesn’t even know how many times she has been to China and she has travelled to 27 out of 29 Provinces so far.

Favourite Province in China – Yunnan

Favourite City in China – Hong Kong

First Visit to China – Born in Hong Kong, first visited the mainland in 1979

Other Projects – Panny has her own Travelling Hong Kong Girl website


Agness Walewinder, Culture and Food Expert

Agness Walewinder Backpacking in China expertAgness moved to China in 2011 to work as an English teacher in Huayuan, Hunan province. After a year of living like a local and travelling to more than 12 out of 29 provinces, she fell in love with the country and decided to extend her stay in the Land of Dragons for another year. Agness is an experienced China traveller who backpacked in various places undiscovered by ordinary travellers. She is currently living in Dongguan, a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong province. Agness is interested in Chinese culture and cuisine the most.

Favourite Province in China – Hunan Province

Favourite City in China – Fenghuang (it’s actually a small town)

First Visit to China  – August 2011

Other Projects – Agness runs the eTramping Travel Blog

Meet the Backpacking in China team!

Meet the Backpacking in China team!


headshot-smallJosh Summers, China Resident Expert

Ever since 2006, Josh has made his home in the Xinjiang region of China where he has worked, studied and traveled. Thankfully he loves Silk Road history and enjoys a nice walk in the desert at sunset. While his expertise is western China, he’s done his fair share of traveling all over various provinces in China.

Favourite Province: Xinjiang (although it’s technically an “autonomous region”)

Favorite City in China: Turpan (a small Silk Road oasis)

First Visit to China: Summer 2006

Other Projects: Josh also runs the Travel China Cheaper site.

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