Backpacking in Chongqing: Top Tips For This Massive City

If you read our article on top 5 sights in Chongqing, you’ll know how much visiting this colossal city in China was a huge huge childhood dream of mine. When the time finally came round, I was completely inspired by it. I haven’t given a thorough breakdown of the sights in and around Chongqing just yet though, so here are my favourite 10 things to see and do (these are just what I picked out personally – I didn’t include all the obvious tourist attractions by the way!).

Backpacking in Chongqing - it's a monster!!

Backpacking in Chongqing – it’s a monster!!

Quite frankly, there is a LOT to do in this mega metropolis and I only touched the surface, but these 10 should get you started. By the way let’s not get shy from the truth while backpacking in Chongqing, you are exploring what is probably the biggest city in the world! A crazy and ridiculous 32 million people are housed in the Chongqing metropolitan area. As you know I’m all about hostels, good staff and having a friendly base in new cities. So you can start by booking into the Green Forest Hostel in central Chongqing – great staff, a really cool social atmosphere and a fab location (near a metro station and bus routes). I was able to tour the city easily from my base in the Yuzhong district.

china chongqing metro

Chongqing Metro system in this monster in China.

1. World’s Biggest Toilet

I’m not kidding. At some point, you will need a wee wee or a poo poo and what better place to go to the toilet than the world’s BIGGEST toilet complex. Hardly the best claim to fame a city will ever have, but I went to Chongqing did a wee wee in the biggest toilet which is situated right on the edge of the city in a theme park called Foreigner Street. Get with the quirkiness of this colossal city.

chongqing toilet complex

Doing a wee wee in the biggest toilet complex on the planet.

2. The 18 Steps

Chongqing’s old city streets are pretty and they intertwine pleasantly with the modern. On a street down some steps just off one of the main roads near the CBD, you find this poky enclave known as the 18 Steps! Definitely worth a jaunt up and down. If you don’t make it to the 18 Steps, Ciqikou Ancient Town and the houses on stilts are worth checking out too!

18 steps chongqing

The famous old “18 steps” in Chongqing, China.

3. The Arhat Temple

Despite having been to more Chinese Temples than I can count, I still enjoyed visiting the Arhat Temple in Chongqing. It costs 10 RMB to get inside but you get to see a few different temples and the big highlight is a room full of 500 terracotta Arhats, these are Buddhas who have achieved enlightenment.

arhat temple chongqing

The terracotta Buddhas inside the Arhat Temple in Chongqing.

4. Foreigner Street

Foreigner Street is a crazy fun place! It is basically a 24 hour Theme Park on the edge of town! There are rides, events, restaurants and a setting by the river. The funniest part of Foreigner Street is the actual street itself – basically they tried to get lots of Foreign influenced buildings on one street, including Pharoah of Egypt and a mini New York. Foreigner Street also houses the world’s largest toilet complex from point 1. What’s also of interest is that there is not even a mention of Foreigner Street in the Lonely Planet China (Travel Guide) – how bizarre .

Foreigner Street, Chongqing

Foreigner Street, Chongqing

5. Cable Car Across the Yangtze River

For me one of the highlights of this crazy choc a bloc city was the cable car ride across the Yangtze River. For a cheap5 RMB you can cross to the other side, take in some amazing views and stare in awe at this beast. Cracking views all around.

chongqing cable car

Amazing views and a cheap ride – the Cable Car across the Yangtze River in Chongqing.

6.Chaotianmen Square

Down at the river meeting between the Yangtze and the Jialing Rivers is a massive place to watch the world go by. It has been turned into a park and a square called Chaotianmen Square. The views are amazing and this was a moment of awe for me to have an ice cold beer. I chilled out in the heat with an ice cold beer (2 RMB incidentally) and marvelled at the chocolate river which had weaved its way down to Chongqing.

A beer by the Yangtze

A beer by the Yangtze

7. Eat at Food Street

Chongqing is the same as the rest of China of course – crazy on chicken, pork and rice and it has a food street, or more accurately many food streets. My local one was in the area near the CBD. A range of local Sichuan and Chinese dishes are served (the Sichuan spicy hot pot being the recommended typical dish of the region) as well as an influx of up and coming foreign restaurants. A few decent bars around too.

food street chongqing

A taste of Chongqing on Food Street

8. Minzu Lu/ Chongqing CBD

Chongqing could really rival London, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong and Shanghai on skyscrapers. Believe me, they are everywhere it’s a city of them. The main CBD is seen as being the one at Minzu Lu and I wandered round at leisure. There are just not many foreigners about but oddly there are a load of these “glamour” and “posh” type shops (e.g. Saatchi etc.) with nobody around rich enough to shop in them.

Spot the foreigner in Chongqing

Spot the foreigner in Chongqing

9. Liberation Monument

And within the streets of the CBD is the Liberation Monument. I checked out the central based Liberation monument by day and night – the locals all flock here to snap selfies!!

liberation monument chongqing

Backpacking in Chongqing Liberation Monument at night.

10. Old City Walls

Chongqing is as old as the hills, well it’s in them. I loved the fact you could just walk around Chongqing without EVER seeing another tourist with a camera. It’s that sort of city and that was the charm of it for me. Even a walk up the old city walls, I’m on my own, locals must think “wow a tourist”.

On the old city walls of Chongqing.

On the old city walls of Chongqing.

Places like Chongqing mean more to me than Beijing and Shanghai ever will. When you’re backpacking in China make sure you get Chongqing on your list! Chongqing is a hidden gem, a sprawling unknown metropolis and you know what I believe it – I believe that this is the biggest city in the world, population wise. It’s an amazing city and I urge you all to take the plunge and head out there! Inspired by Michael Palin’s journey on Full Circle, I finally lived my childhood dream of visiting the city of Chongqing. It was totally inspiring.

Here are some videos from backpacking in Chongqing:

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